How to Replace the Front Wheel Assembly (Nut & Bolt) on the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Models

With the battery disconnected and removed, put the chair on the back rest with the front wheels up in the air.

Using the provided shortened hex wrench, reach inside the frame next to the front wheel fork and hold the bolt head still there.

On the outside of the frame, unscrew the bolt and remove it from the frame.

Save the white nylon washer.

The front wheel leg will be loose at this point. You can let it rest once you remove the bolt head from the inside of the frame part.

Take some Loctite RED threadlocker and apply it to the provided lock nut.

Insert the provided bolt from the outside of the frame, and put the nylon washer back on the threads of the bolt that will be between the frame parts.

Then, attach the front wheel leg to the bolt. As you do so, insert the lock nut into the inside part of the frame. There is a perfectly fitted groove to hold the lock nut still.

Use your finger to hold the lock nut still as you screw the bolt in from the outside.

Make sure the bolt is tightened all the way through the nut, making the frame parts come together tightly.

Let it sit for 30-45 minutes for the threadlocker glue to harden, before using the chair again.