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    Wheelchairs Now

    Travel Accessories for Your Portable Electric Wheelchair

    If you've ever traveled with your electric wheelchair, you know how hard it can be.  From getting in and out of taxis, to unexpected rain, and traversing unaccommodating restaurants and building.  Make traveling with your electric powered portable wheelchair a little easier with these great accessories.  


    1. EZ-Access Suitcase Folding Wheelchair Ramp

    This ramp is extremely portable and durable, weighing a little over 30 pounds.  Use it to get in and out of transport vehicles, restaurants, and buildings.  It folds just like a suitcase, so you can easily load it into your car, truck or SUV, along with your EZ Lite Cruiser.  There are various options available, some of which are able to fold in multiple points, to literally make it the size of a small suitcase.  It can greatly help you load your EZ Lite Cruiser into the trunk of your car.  If you have an SUV, you can use the EZ Lite Cruiser in the powered mode to drive it right up into the back of your SUV.  If you have a normal car trunk, you can use it to roll the chair into your trunk.  

    portable foldable wheelchair ramp


    2. HandyBar - Automotive Standing Aid

    This is a best seller on Amazon, and for good reason. With around 1600 Amazon reviews, it has a four and half star rating.  Products like this one are truly a god send for people that need a little more leverage getting in and out of cars, vans, an SUV or truck.  Sometimes we could all use a helping hand to get in and out of our cars, and this really is a great product to lend a helping hand.

    handy leverage standing aid


    3. EZ Lite Cruiser Travel Bag

    There is no better travel companion for your EZ Lite Cruiser (standard & deluxe models) than the EZ Lite Cruiser Travel Bag.  It helps to protect the chair from getting dirty and can help prevent the frame from getting scratched during transportation. If you don't already have one, and are planning on traveling soon, we recommend it. 

    wheelchair travel bag


    4. Unisex Wheelchair Poncho 

    If you're ever outdoors in your EZ Lite Cruiser and it starts to rain, you should use a rain poncho and get indoors as quickly as you can.  The EZ Lite Cruiser should not be operated outdoors when it is raining.  If you get caught out in the rain, it's great to cover yourself from getting drenched, and of course it will also help to protect your chair from getting any water damage.

    wheelchair poncho


    5. Universal International Travel Power Plug Adapter

    If you've ever traveled to another country outside of the US, you will soon realize that metric system isn't the only thing different.  There are numerous different power plug standards around the world, and this could make recharging your powered wheelchair a nightmare.  Rest easy, because this one adapter has many different power plugs that will work with virtually every country outlets.  The EZ Lite Cruiser charger works between 100 to 240 Volts AC input, so the voltage won't be a problem... getting the plug to fit also won't be a problem if you have one of these with you.

    ac adapter international wall outlet plugs


    It's always best to be as prepared as possible for your travels.  Trying to find and purchase some of these accessories, especially the ones useful for overseas travel, could be a challenge.  These are definitely some of our absolute favorites for any kind of travel, whether domestic or international. We truly hope that our suggestions help save some headaches and troubles during your travels. 

    The Best Online Resource for the Disabled

    Disability.gov is the federal government website for comprehensive information about disability-related programs, services, policies, laws and regulations.  The website is managed by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy, in collaboration with 21 federal agency partners.  The site links to thousands of resources from many different federal government agencies, as well as state and local governments and nonprofit organizations across the country.  If you're disabled, have recently become disabled, or need to help a loved one who is disabled, check out these important links from Disability.gov.  

    Financial Support:

    1.  Disability.gov career planning and job training page
    2.  SocialSecurity.gov qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits


    3.  Hud.gov U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for Multifamily Inventory of Units for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities


    4.  Healthcare.gov Medicare, a federal health insurance program for Americans age 65 and older and people under age 65 with certain disabilities

    Community Life:

    5.  Disability.gov Sports, Travel & Leisure Activities


    6.  Disability.gov Guide to Transportation


    The list above consists of the necessary resources one would need, but here are some other useful resources.  

    1.  DMV.org Disability Plates and Placards for all 50 States and Washington D.C.
    2.  NHTSA.govU.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Adapting motor vehicles for people with disabilities and transporting your electric powered wheelchair

    There are tons of resources out there to help people with disabilities.  We hope you're utilizing them. 

    EZ Lite Cruiser Sponsors Limbitless Solutions

    Limbitless Solutions is a non-profit organization devoted to bringing volunteers and technology to the kids who need it most.  They're building a generation of innovators who use their skills and passion to improve the world around them.  Limbitless uses additive manufacturing to advance personalized bionics and solutions for disabilities.  They believe that no family should have to pay for their child to receive an arm. They want to lead by example and encourage communities to innovate with compassion.

    You might remember hearing or reading about Limbitless in the news not too long ago.  Robert Downey Jr, Microsoft, and Limbitless Solutions teamed up to surprise 7 year old, Alex Pring, with a new 3D-printed "Bionic Iron Man Arm".  

    Robert Downey Jr Bionic Arm

    Limbitless Solutions and students at the University of Central Florida have recently teamed up to build hands-free controls for mobility devices.  EZ Lite Cruiser was honored to be able to sponsor their endeavor and they recently sent us this video (see below) of the progress they've made so far.  As you'll notice, Christian from Limbitless Solutions is not using his hands to control the EZ Lite Cruiser Standard Model but instead has electrodes on his temples. We're not going to give away exactly how these electrodes work, but you can clearly see that he's using them to control the chair.

    We're very excited to see how far technology has come and the potential of where it can go, it is truly limitless.

    5 Great Holiday Gifts Ideas for Wheelchair Users


    Having trouble figuring out what gift to get a loved one in a wheelchair?  Need gift ideas for your wheelchair bound friend?  We have some ideas that could be memorable and life changing.  Besides the typical holiday gift you can get anyone, including people in wheelchairs, this list is meant for unique gift ideas that are focused on people who are disabled. 

    1. The gift of flying.  Specifically, gliders that have hand-controls which replaced foot pedal rudders.  Rides and introductory lessons have a price range of about $100 to $200.  There is also a non profit organization called, Freedom's Wings International, who offer free introductory rides for people with disabilities. 

    2. Adaptive Skiing.  Depending on your level of disability, there are several ways you can ski using different types of adaptive equipment.  Most of the major ski resorts have adaptive skin programs but you have to make your reservations as early as possible.  This is to ensure you have the appropriate coach and necessary equipment.  Here is a great resource for adaptive skiing and sports.

    3. Handicapped Scuba Diving.  Currently, training programs for disabled people have a high margin of safety.  Techniques which have been developed from more than 30 years, through continuous research and feedback have produced a very safe atmosphere for people with disabilities. The Handicapped Scuba Association can help their disabled students get certified. 

    4. Assistive Eating Utensils.  Liftware is a stabilizing handle and a selection of attachments that include a soup spoon, everyday spoon, and fork. Liftware is designed to help people with hand tremor eat more easily. Place Liftware in its storage pouch, and bring it with you where you go. A full battery charge can last you through several meals, so you don’t always have to worry about bringing the charger along.

    5. Folding Shower Seat. The ideal shower seat! This elegant fold down shower seat would be at home in any spa. Made of Brazilian Walnut which is up to 3 times stronger than teak, it is naturally resistant to moisture, mildew and decay. When folded it is only 3 inches thick so it is not in the way when not needed. A beautiful solution when there is little space for a permanent shower chair or for when seated is only occasionally needed. Its concealed wall mount brackets maximize the contact area and spread the weight bearing giving the SerenaSeat a 500 pound capacity! The removable back rest allows for easy cleaning. 

    When dealing with a physical disabilities or even a chronic illness, don't count out your loved ones in activities.  They might actually enjoy and appreciate it more than the average person. Whether or not this list includes something they might be interested in or find helpful for you or your loved one, there’s still many more activities and products to explore at these websites and through a simple online search. We hope you find what you're looking for :)

    Don't call WHILL a "wheelchair"!

     Whill Models in White and Black

    Imagine meeting a man in a wheelchair and having that man tell you that he no longer wish to go to the grocery store because of the way people looked at him.  What person wouldn't be overwhelmed with empathy and compassion, but what would you do? Most people would feel sorry for that man but they would move on with their day.  

    Satoshi Sugie isn't like most people.  A former engineer at Nissan, he was the one who met that man in the wheelchair.  Overwhelmed with a sense of duty, he developed a mobility device that would could possibly remove the negative stigma that disabled people are so used to.  With the help of his two friends, Junpei Naito, a product engineer with Sony, and Muneaki Fukuoka, an engineer with Olympus.  The three came up with WHILL.  It's a chair with wheels but don't call it a "wheelchair".  The company says they build "omnidirectional four-wheeled-drive mobility device".  Their WHILL Model A is also not considered to be a medical device and has not been submitted to the FDA for review or clearance, but this hasn't stopped the investors. WHILL has already raised over $12.85 million in funding.

    Although not covered by insurance, the company has taken about 50 preorders at a price of $9,500 per chair.  Their Model A chair can reach speeds of up to 5.5 miles per hour and travel up to 12 miles per battery charge.  The four-wheel drive enables the device to maneuver rough terrain that most other wheelchairs couldn't.  What makes WHILL so unique are the front wheels, which WHILL calls "omni-wheels" or "gliding wheels".  The front wheels are comprised of a main wheel, which are wrapped by 24 small tires that turn independently, and gives the device a tight turning radius by being able to glide sideways.  

    While the Model Type-A is considered to be a non-medical device (which means it is not FDA-cleared), WHILL plans to have their future models cleared as medical devices by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to be eligible for insurance coverage, such as Medicare/Medicaid. To increase production, the company is currently talking with their original equipment manufacturers in Mexico and Taiwan. They've also added a smart phone app that lets you remote control your WHILL.

    So the question is will people shell out close to 5 figures for a mobility device?  Bill Meehan loves the portability of the EZ Lite Cruiser, but also has a WHILL. He had told us about his recent interview with CNN to discuss his WHILL.