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    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    I have been using Scooters or Wheelchairs for a number of years now do to my Lupus, RA, Scoliosis and many other wonderful illnesses. However, I have never found a better, light weight, easy to use Travel Chair in my life than The EZ Lite Cruiser!

    I couldn't be happier when I found them online while I was doing my research for a travel chair and I fell in love with it's engineering. It's ease of use and the length of it's batteries (I have 2 in my chair at all times) I mean really?... 10 hours and 10 miles per battery?... Who could ask for anything more!

    So here I am with 20 hours and 20 miles of batteries and a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando... It's a Wonderful World to play in!!

    Soooooo... Who's a happy girl?.. this girl, that's who. I have taken this baby on the plane a few times now when we go down and I couldn't be happier with the results!

    I do believe I have sold many of these chairs over the past 4 years as I keep getting stopped everywhere I go and asked where I got it! I think I am a terrific info-mercial for you guys!

    -- Paula K., Wappingers Falls, NY

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    I would like to thank EZ Lite Cruiser for giving me back the opportunity to travel with ease.  Before purchasing my EZ Lite Cruiser chair, Traveling was a true nightmare. It's extremely hard to travel with a Power Chair that alone weighs 420 LB. Most Planes as well as Transportation are not equipped or are not available in different countries. It's extremely hard to find vehicles that are equipped with Lifts to be able to transport. That's where EZ Lite Cruiser comes into Place. It's the Lightest Portable device I've ever came across. Weighs only 50 pounds and it folds in to just one single unit that is the size of a luggage.  Because of this I have been able to now travel with ease. Fits in any vehicle trunk or front seat. Great for when you travel by Bus, Taxi, rental car or even a Friends personal car. Most of the time because of its size it can fit on the inside closet of the Airplanes. My family and I now can really enjoy traveling. See some of the places we have travel to such as Spain, Paris, and Onboard The Oasis of the Seas.  Give yourself the opportunity to get out there and enjoy life.

    Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    UPDATE: I've been an EZ Lite Cruiser customer since 2013 and always been Satisfied with there product and Excellent Customer Service. I recently upgraded my unit from the Standard Model to the Deluxe Slim SX12 and I'm so Happy I did Specially when I traveled to The Middle East and Europe. The bigger tires on the Deluxe Slim SX12 really made a difference in the Pebble Stone Roads and the Sandy Terrain. Were my Standard Model would have had a Rough Time. Also the Reclining feature and the adjustable arm rest are a huge plus. What makes EZ Lite Cruiser chairs so convenient is the Fact that they fold easy to transport on any Car, Train or Airplane. I highly recommend if you are a serious traveler to get the Traveler Bag to Transport Securely your chair inboard the Aircraft. Thanks EZ Lite Cruiser For Many Years of Excellent Customer Service and Such Great Product that Allows us to Travel with Ease.

    -- Eric T., Orlando, FL

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    I had the opportunity over the last two months of travel nearly 200 km with the EZ Lite Cruiser. This is a collection of my impressions which are generally satisfactory, if not excellent. Tens of kilometers on very poorly paved paths allowed me to appreciate its handling and its solidity.

    Besides the good look, noticed by everyone and which is less disabled, the weight and volume of this chair makes it extremely convenient for travel, almost essential. It was easy to carry with me the chair that is light when there was a barrier. The ability to store it in the trunk of any vehicle used to go everywhere.

    I actually had to sell five or six chairs around the world because many people wanted to photograph the chair and I gave them your address. For a month, I have with my wife who loves this chair for its light weight and easy folding traveled the following countries and cities: Finland, Paris, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Ibiza, Venice, London and France. Everywhere, I realized for you pictures to show the chair in these famous parts of the world.

    -- Pierre H., New Caledonia

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    Dear EZ-Lite, I received my new cruiser just about a week ago and HAD to write. To say this chair is LIFE CHANGING for me is not an exaggeration! As this was a large purchase we researched about every foldable electric chair on the market but chose your chair as my husband liked the large back tires and I was happy with the look and the reviews on customer service.

    I was diagnosed with arthritis at 38 and now at 50 it has affected me to the point I can just no longer walk any distance without pain and extreme fatigue. I was to the point of having to give up some of the things I loved to do as I just could not take it anymore. I pride myself on my positive attitude but have to admit the future was looking a little depressing knowing travel was out of the question. Then I found your company and it all changed!

    I have used a foldable chair for about 3 years but it was just push one. It was too hard for my husband to push me on hills and it was just a transport chair not designed to go on anything but a smooth surface. I still had to get up and down often when it got stuck and walk up any incline or hill. It also still left me at the mercy of having to have someone push me.

    This past weekend was the best weekend I have had in a LONG time! In three days I was able to go to three cities and attend 2 events and even get in some antiquing. We were able to take our little convertible as my 65 year old husband could pick it up and it fits in the back seat! I even got to take the dog out for a walk or should I say a ride. She liked the chair too!

    I was a little nervous going on some terrain but had no problems at all. I took it on grass, cobblestone streets and a road with small gravel. Small hills were a breeze. As with anything, there is a little bit of a learning curve but once I used the right speed for the right situation it was very easy to get used to. Even found the perfect bottle for my cup holder that says "Life is a Ride"!

    I knew I was affected greatly by fatigue but didn't even realize how much until after these three days of ""going" in my chair and not having ANY! I honestly feel like a new person and it brings tears to my eyes to even write it. It was a very hard decision to accept I was to the point at "just" 50 to admit I needed a personal mobility aide as I was always a very active person. But I am so glad I took the leap to be kind to myself and my body and buy this chair! Best money I have ever spent.

    I just have to add, as a business owner myself, I probably have overly high standards of what I expect in customer service and everyone I have dealt with has well exceeded those expectations! It is refreshing to work with people who actually seem like they care.

    I honestly cannot thank you enough for this chair and for your awesome service. I can now look forward to many Happy Trails....

    Kindest Regards.

    -- Lorelie R., Omaha, NE

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    I purchased the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX12 in August of this year for my daughter Yushae, who has cerebral palsy to increase her mobility.

    Yushae is also a Paralympic Athlete in the sport of Boccia. A precision ball game played from the EZ Lite Cruiser. Prior to the Paralympics (this was her first time) She was ranked 32 in the world, 5th in the America's and the 5th ranked highest female in her division.

    We researched many possible options and the only option for us was the Deluxe DX12. We were sold on the quality, accessories, great customer service and great reviews.

    Yushae was able to play her best games ever thanks to the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX12! She was able to position herself exactly were she needed to be, with one of her games going to a tiebreaker. All because of the stability and the accuracy of positioning. Yushae finished 19th and we are so proud of her.

    Thank you for such a great product and we highly recommended the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX12.

    Thank you,

    -- Ashanti A., Wellington, FL

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    Dear EZ Lite Cruiser,

    We originally purchased the first model of the EZ Lite Cruiser which Maritza, my wife used to go to CNM to study, taking the SunVan service both ways. She got good looks every time she rode it, with people asking where we bought it.

    We then took it on a road trip to Alaska and back, from Albuquerque, NM, again with many inquires, and excellent transportation.

    When we returned from Alaska, the new models were just introduced, so we got the new DX-10 and Maritza could not be happier with it... especially the EASE of folding and unfolding, plus the 10" wheels and the better torque allows better traction for ramps, doors and over the ground. She constantly gets surprised looks and questions of amazement about how it works, folds and goes in our car without needing a lift on the rear.

    Now we are planning to move to Alaska where the DX-10 will be a great advantage for Maritza to move about.

    We recommend the EZ Lite Cruiser highly to anyone needing a light, foldable mode of getting places with ease.


    -- Maritza & Gary, Albuquerque, NM

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    Hi, Thanks to your EZ Lite Cruiser, Jerry is enjoying dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

    We have a lift on our vehicle, designed for a large scooter. Here's how we adapted it to accommodate the EZ chair. Using the 4 straps on the lift and two Velcro straps placed in the front and rear, it sits safely on the lift.

    Thanks so much for all your outstanding product and customer service.

    -- Jerry M., Boca Raton, FL

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    I've been using a scooter for the last 7 years or so. It's worked fairly well for me as long as I stayed on paved paths and had an area wide enough to turn around. It's was also portable so my husband could easily take it with us on trips. We considered a power chair but didn't want to sacrifice the portability of a scooter. I just got the new EZ Lite DX12. This chair is amazing. It's just as portable as the scooter so we can travel with it, but far more versatile. I can now go for walks with my husband to walk our dogs on the trails near our home. What I love most is that I can turn on a dime. No more back and forth trying to perform a 3 point turn with the scooter. I just spin the chair around and go the direction I want to go. I've had no problem leaving the pavement and going across the lawn or even a gravel pathway. The DX12 gives us so many more options to get out and enjoy life together.

    -- Teresa B., Woodinville, WA

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    Hi, I am enjoying my EZ Lite Cruiser. I was able to go out to the John and Mable Ringling Museum today with my little boy. Before having my EZ Lite Cruiser, I was unable to do outings like this due to my lack of muscle strength from my MD. I am so very grateful for my new chair and the freedom to live life fully!! Thank You!!

    -- Tonya S., Sarasota, FL

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    I am a 75 year young woman who has Post Polio Syndrome. I have been housbound for almost 1 year. I have been active most of my life and found it difficult to not get out and about. In my research online I found products that were too expensive and required that one have a conversion van. One evening as I was looking about the internet I came across EZ LITE CRUISER website. I was very impressed at first glance. I asked my Physical Therapist, Doctor, and my husband what they thought about the chair. All said I ought to check it out. It took me about two weeks to decide to purchase. I have been using for about three months. I have been able to go to my YOGA classes, Swim class, Meet friends for lunch, take on walks with my husband. I feel like I have regained my independence and freedom back. My husband easily can fold and unfold the chair and put it in the back of our SUBURAU OUTBACK! I can take the local bus service that has a ramp to places that I thought I would not be able to visit ever again. I can even use the chair inside my home. The chair is easy to use. The turning radius is amazingly tight. The arms move out of the way so that one can sit sideways that allows getting closer to a table or desk. It took me about a week using the joystick as I had never played games with a joystick but since I have gotten used to it the control is simple. Another feature that helps is the lock that allows the chair to be pushed along without the use of the battery. My husband loves this as he can easily move the chair when needed without using the controls. I love this chair and am always giving info to others who stop me an ask about its features. THANKS EZ LITE CRUISER, I am a fan!

    -- Barbara C., Lake Forest, IL

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    Thanks to the EZ Lite Cruiser, we were able to enjoy our first ever European vacation - something we never thought possible before finding EZ Lite. Here we are in Amsterdam taking in the sites at the Heineken Experience, wandering the streets of Amsterdam and at Museumplein. We put the chair through everything - airlines, cruise ships, trains, taxi's and sightseeing buses. The chair was easy to transport using the EZ Lite carrying case. We would not have been able to do the trip without the EZ Lite Cruiser. Thanks for giving us our travel independence back and looking forward to our next European adventure!

    -- Mark & Nancy B., Vancouver, BC Canada

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    I have really enjoyed the flexibility and dependability of the EZ Lite Deluxe Cruiser. I can take it easily in my van and transfer to my seat with no problem. Great for travel, airline trips etc. Love the big wheels for difficult surfaces and have not felt restricted by grass or sand at all. It looks great and feels and handles as a well constructed movilty device I can depend on. All the accessories fit well and are top notch. Would like a little higher back, a little more speed and a gel seat option but regardless this is one great mobility option.

    -- Richard G., Winter Springs, FL

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    In our family we have a fall tradition of giving each child a day out enjoying the beautiful fall foliage and decorations and celebrations in the nearby town of Grafton Illinois and Hardin. This includes a barge ride across the beautiful Mississippi River. I was afraid I would miss it. My EZ Lite Cruiser made it a breeze and it turned out to be a wonderfully glorious day. We had 70ish degrees with very light breezes. The cruiser took all the terrain the Mississippi river towns could throw at it and we had a great day. I never missed a thing. I love the independence my EZ Lite Cruiser has given me.

    -- Dawn M., Granite City, IL

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    Great product, my Mom has bad knees and refuses to get knee replacement surgery, she also has vertigo when others push her in a manual wheelchair. We looked at other products before making a final decision. We went with EZ Lite Cruiser because the product looks easy to use and the people who represent the product are very professional and honest. I was concerned about having the EZ Lite Cruiser serviced, but after reviewing the YouTube videos it is very easy to use, and set up.

    -- Karen N., Camas, WA

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    We have just recently purchased and received an EZ-Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX 12 Power Wheel Chair, from EZ Lite Cruiser.

    Although they have four different models, we decided to go with the top of the line model. The DX12 has 12” wheels on the back providing better stability, and the wheels are made of Polyurethane & Rubber which prevents getting flat tires.

    The DX12 was purchased for my brother who has very limited mobility due to a stroke and a very weakened heart. He loves it, he even named it, “Suzy” which shows he not only accepted using it but really likes it.

    The chair is constructed very well, is comfortable and is very easy for my brother to use. The joystick is very responsive and easy to manipulate and can be either on the right or left arm of the chair. The chair folds up easily for travel so there is no need to have a hitch with a platform. They have thought of all of the conveniences that could possibly be put into a wheel chair. A large supply of accessories are available to make carrying drinks and shopping easier.

    The staff at EZ Lite Cruiser is exceptional. Each of my questions/concerns was answered in a timely and thorough manner and with much patience and concern. The "customer first" attitude was very prevalent in all my contacts with the company.

    It is very hard to imagine exactly what you are ordering online, but I have to tell you that we were all very impressed with the chair when we finally saw it in front of us. I can’t say enough about the chair. It is everything we thought it would be and more. There was a short delay of us receiving the chair, but the owner of the company contacted me immediately and apologized for the delay and made almost daily contacts with me to keep me apprised of the status. I would recommend their company to anyone. The products they sell and the concern and caring they have concerning their customers is above and beyond. The chair is great. Sincerely, a very satisfied customer.

    -- Robert D., Delaware, OH

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    I just want to tell you how I love this Chair! I am 5'9" and it is such a comfortable ride! I have a 3 wheeled scooter (which comes apart in 4 pieces for travel so I would never take it anywhere) which is cumbersome to try to travel with and the ride is so rough so when I received this chair I was so impressed with the ride! We took it to the Casino here in Vegas which has a movie theater and it maneuvered so well in and around the casino as well as the elevator and handicap restrooms and also the Mall shopping center. While the weight of the chair is still a bit much for me with my Multiple Sclerosis my husband is able to fold it and fit in the trunk. I feel as though I have my freedom back now that my husband does not have to push me anymore! I am now a TRUE FAN of the EZ Lite Cruiser!

    -- Melani F., Las Vegas, NV

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    I own two other powered devices; an expensive (6.5mph) chair used to cross school campuses when I was teaching, and a 4-wheel powered scooter (7.5mph) used for malls and other large areas. Unfortunately, neither of these could be used for air travel due to size and weight concerns. That is, until I discovered the EZ Lite Cruizer. My wife and I flew to Salem, Oregon to visit family and our experience follows:

    PRO: Delta Airlines personnel at every step of the two flights there were enthusiastic and complementary...never before having seen such a powered light mobility chair that was foldable and easy for any individual employee to pick up and store. We encountered such praise throughout our journey. It's important that prior to your flight to call the Airline and advise them of the chair you are using. A few simple questions answered and there were no problems thereafter. The chair performed exactly as advertised and was a true advantage for me (I am 100% disabled and homebound). We also liked the fact the wheel motors could be unlocked and the chair maneuvered by my wife in the same manner as an unpowered chair, especially in tight places. The speed was about a fast walking pace so no problems keeping up with others. I purchased the arm bag, bottle holder and cane holder.

    CON: The hand-operated steering/power unit is not as sensitive as more expensive units...pushing the lever to full forward results in just more that two seconds for any response from the wheel motors. This pause is not difficult to anticipate, once you learn to take it into consideration. The same can be said for steering input. Due to unique construction of the frame, the two front wheels are mounted at an angle which changes with movement. When forward power is engaged, the front tilts up slightly, and will tilt back down to level when power is reduced or stopped. Be aware the chair only comes with one kickstand. I ordered a second one. At our first stop in the journey, baggage handlers broke both of the kickstand's weaker bottom pieces. Delta Claims was impressively fast in having them reordered and sent directly to our hotel room overnight. We decided to use the kickstands only at home or our destination, and remove them for actual air travel.

    OVERALL: Buy with confidence. The EZ Lite Cruizer does exactly what it say it will do and was a true addition to the pleasure we enjoyed with our family.

    -- John H., Sierra Vista, AZ

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    This lite weight but sturdy device has changed my lifestyle to the Max... Awesome.... It folds up with ease, it’s easy to move around in my house or at a store et..... Did I mention that it’s wonderful and Awesome? Thanks EZ Lite Cruiser for all of your technical answers and your concerns for your costumers.

    -- William H., Hemet, CA

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    Dear sir : At long last and as promised attached please find attached a picture of me using your E-Z lite Cruiser. After my Total Hip replacement Surgery I use it to get to my Physio Therapy Appointments at a Hospital in town. The trip takes about 1/2 Hour and involves going over a steep hill. The Cruiser doesn't even slow down on the hill. I get 3 return trips from one battery charge. When I have more Photos, I will send them.

    -- JP, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    Hi EZ Lite Cruiser, I want to give a shout out to Michael, Paul, and Megan from your company, they are awesome people who were very friendly, very caring, and looked out for my interest as a costumer. They counseled me as I was shopping for accessories. I was skeptical at first because of my previews experience with other scooters that the battery would die too quickly.

    My name is Frank and I’m a retired soldier, and retiree from the Police Department. Now I am a collector of medieval weapons, armor, clothes, and paintings.

    A friend told me about the EZ Cruiser in one of her visits when we went out to eat. Her actual words "you are always buying crap everywhere, why don’t you buy a product that can be folded, and then I can put it in my trunk and we can go out more?”

    I have Multiple Sclerosis, and my waking has been affected for the last two years. I had a manual wheelchair, eventually developed Tenis Elbow from the constant pushing. I took a chance and bought the EZ Cruiser DX 12, because I am a tall person and have been disappointed in the past with the performance of some of the scooters that I had.

    Last week, I finally was able to try the EZ Lite Cruiser. At the beginning I was running it slow trying to conserve power, but the I thought, this is a “test run”; what’s the point if I don’t run out of power? So I put my chair at fast was it could go and slowed it down when I was with people in close distance. The battery was better than I could predicted. I still are in the green and haven’t charged. The battery last really long time.

    I drove my EZ Lite Cruiser through rocks, pavement, and by a lake, and it performed beautifully. Lastly, on our way back from the countryside my EZ Lite Cruiser was ridding in the bed of a pickup and the saddle bags, backpack and seating were undisturbed. I was afraid that I was going to loose the contents in the bags, but it didn’t happen.

    I was very impressed with the performance of my EZ Cruiser.

    Very thankful,

    -- Frank L., Jersey City, NJ

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    Because of my EZlite cruiser I was able to spend the whole day at the zoo with my grandkids. I don't have much stamina and am only able to stand or walk for about a half hour before I run out of steam. Thanks to my cruiser I was able to keep up with them all day. We had a great time!

    Gloria K., Linden, MI

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    This new DX10 model from EZ Lite Cruiser performs extremely well indoors or outdoors. It can turn in it's own length and has fast pickup with greater speed, making it an ideal upgrade. I look forward to doing some travelling with this comfortable device.

    Ron E., North Vancouver, B.C., Canada

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    I spent most of November, 2015 researching foldable products, which I intended to purchase for my wife. After having recovered from a serious health issue she has had extreme difficulty walking more than a few steps at a time. As we still like to travel, it seemed that such a chair might enable her to enjoy our trips (mostly cruises) to a greater extent. I narrowed my search down to models produced by three different companies and ultimately chose the DX-12 EZ Lite Cruiser.

    Megan was the sales representative I dealt with and I found her to be well-informed and professional in every respect. I had some concerns about the travel bag properly fitting the DX-12 (which was one of four accessories I received), but she quickly alleviated them by emailing several photos, which showed the bag fitting the EZ Lite Cruiser nicely.

    Within a few days the EZ Lite Cruiser and accessories arrived. Everything was well-packed and undamaged. The EZ Lite Cruiser is easy to expand or collapse, installing the battery simple, and my wife has quickly mastered the controls (joystick). She looks forward to using the chair during our travels.

    All in all, a very good experience. I highly recommend the EZ Lite Cruiser.

    Charles C., Deale, MD

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    I became disabled in 2010 and have just recently obtained the EZ Chair. It is such a marvelous product, and one that I can operate with one hand. The joy stick that operates the chair is extremely easy to use. My disease has affected my right hand and arm (and of course I am right handed), and mostly my right leg. It was very difficult to get around my house, let alone go anywhere. Because of the inability to use my right hand and arm there is no way I could use a wheelchair without a motor of some sort, unless there was someone around who could push me.

    The EZ Lite Cruiser has an electric motor and weighs just a smidge above 50 pounds with the battery and folds up about the size of a baby stroller. This makes it very easy to transport and has made it easier for me to get around the house and go places and not be stuck at home. The chair turns on a dime, so I am able to use it in the house and I have no problem getting through doorways, or backing up or turning around

    Just recently I was able to take a trip from California to Missouri to visit relatives. Having the EZ Lite Cruiser, I am able to go places that I have been unable to go to since 2010. With the distance of the battery charge on the standard size chair, I can go to any of the stores around my house without having to find someone to take me.

    This EZ Lite Cruiser has been a Godsend to me and has opened my world back up to include places other than my home, and I believe it would be a huge benefit for anyone who is need of something like this to get around in.

    -- Roberta S., Los Angeles, CA

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    My wife, Gale, had a major stroke that robbed her of her ability to speak or utilize her right side. Getting around in her wheelchair was slow and tedious since she only had one arm and foot to propel and steer herself. I investigated acquiring a motorized chair for her and the EZ Lite Cruiser was perfect. It's compact, light and, most importantly, it folded up to fit in trunk of our car so we can take it with us when we travel. There was no need to buy additional equipment for the car to haul it. The support staff was extremely helpful and answered all my questions in a timely manner. Gale adapted to the chair and the joy stick steering the first time she sat in the chair. She now has the freedom and mobility she deserves! I highly recommend the chair to anyone looking for a motorized machine!

    -- George O., Ocala, FL

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    Thank you EZliteCruiser for taking the time assisting in my decision to invest in my mobility and refuse to be "housebound", unable to walk. Research and comparison of power chairs kept me returning to the Cruiser.  The major selling point was its lightweight portability, a well-designed powerhouse that performs beautifully. Daily indoor use and outdoor traveling was a necessity. User friendly, ease of folding and unfolding, with accessories galore, it was even more than expected.  The aging and/or disabled have a renewed quality of life that is well-deserved and available at a reasonable price.  Customer support is exceptionally prompt and friendly, assisting in any questions or problems that arise.  "Good things come in small packages" and the EZliteCruiser is no exception. Grab n go. So much fun to use.... The answer to my prayers.

    -- Carolee T., Jacksonville, FL

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    I have had the EZ Lite Cruiser a couple of months now and the more I use it the more I am enjoying it. We attended a fall supper which was held in a local rec centre. Many large round tables and I found it easy to drive the cruiser up to a table at the front of the hall and near the food. By lifting the right armrest, the joystick cleared the table and I could snuggle up in comfort. We took a tour of an Assisted Living apartment complex. The halls were long and the display suite was on the fourth floor. I found it very easy to get around there as well as in the suite itself. But biggest the feature was the ability to do a 180 degree turn in the elevator. Drive straight in, spin around, and ready to exit forward. Awesome. However, the real clincher is the ability to pop the EZ Lite Cruiser in the side door of the van, by myself. No need to fold it, just pop it in. It just means that wherever we go, I have my transportation at hand. I can speak only for the Dodge Grand Caravan with Sto 'N Go feature which makes the centre row into a flat floor. The older Caravans had removable seats so same result is obtained.

    -- John M., Manitoba, Canada

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    I just want to let you know I have a new life because of my EZ Lite Cruiser!! I've had it for a year now. I have been able to go places I haven't been to in many years. I can go anywhere! I am able to ride it a mile away to the mall, then, once, I spent 3 hours there just looking at things. Recently, I have spent three days in Moro Bay, CA and then three days in Yosemite National Park! The picture of me in the pink coat is me, I walked about 10 feet from my chair for the picture. Without the chair, I would not have been able to walk the mile to get there. We go along the path way along the ocean in Pacific Grove often. Been all over Santa Cruz too. Can you tell I love it?

    I have used this chair all day, and never ran down the battary, never one problem with this chair. I have people stop me all the time wanting information about it. I give it happily and encourage anyone who who has limitations walking, get it! Don't wait any longer, you are missing out on living the way you should. It opened up my life again! My husband can pick it up and put it in the back of the car.

    Thank you so my EZ Lite Cruiser.

    -- Linda A., Salinas, CA

    Another Happy EZ Lite Cruiser Customer

    Hi, I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas. I never could not have done it without my EZ Lite Cruiser. It was so easy to travel with. Thought I would show a photo of the cruiser packed up and ready to go on the plane. For those who are hesitant about airline travel, it was so easy. I used the chair through the airport and security check with no problem. Rode to the gate, collapsed the chair and packed it into its case and gate checked it. At the other end, the airline brought it to the gate, my husband unpacked and set it up and off we went through the airport. We had lots of people stop us and ask what it was. Every person using a three wheel scooter was interested, especially in the portability.

    I used the EZ Lite Cruiser to zip around Vegas. My husband was exhausted since he had to walk. I was so excited to be able to get around and being able to travel again.

    Thank you so much for the ability to travel and "walk" again!

    Just a note: I would highly recommend the footrest extension (for the Standard Model) and take an extra seat and back cushion. We were able to put the footrest, battery and cushions in a rolling carry on bag. The battery must be disconnected and carried on board the plane for transport.

    Everything went so smoothly. Thanks again, EZ lite Cruiser.

    -- Peggy F., Jacksonville, FL

    I have had my standard cruiser for a few weeks now and could not be more happy with it. I previously had a DX10 for more than three years and it has been outstanding with more than 20 airport gate checks and never a problem. I have become a little more frail where 15lbs is a game changer and hesitantly opted to downsize. I am not disappointed.

    Although I am 6 ft, 180lbs I am actually slightly more comfortable in the standard model with a lower center of gravity. I use the cruiser to walk my dog and know every bad curb cut, uneven and sloped sidewalks along the route so it was easy to gauge against how the DX10 handled the same route. The standard model was equal to the DX10 and actually slightly better turning on a slope. The smaller folded size enables me to put the standard model in the back seat or passenger seat of my car while the DX10 was trunk only.

    The DX10 did have more room and frame to attach accessories such as a bicycle type horn, lights,cell phone holder and hooks to tow luggage in the airports. I am sure Ill figure something out. I also really miss the small zipper compartment on the front of the battery compartment and will velcro a small pouch as a substitute. The standard model is slightly slower at top speed probably due to smaller rear wheels. It is sill faster than necessary.

    I would like to thank EZ Lite Cruiser for helping me during this transition. Their customer service has been and still is outstanding.

    -- Jack B., Buffalo, NY

    I am a 79 year old man living with Post Polio Syndrome. I am also somewhat of a techie, and Ham Radio operator. Because this was a major purchase for me. It goes without saying I researched it thoroughly.

    I found many folding products, each with its own spin on why it was the best. None could stand up to the scrutiny that I put to Michael, the EZ lite crew, and their chair. I came to the conclusion that the company is as a big part of the decision as the product!

    I have had the chair for only a short while and although I have not yet traveled as I plan to, I can see this chair is all I hoped for and more.

    The frame is so well built, (thus the 10 year warranty.) No doubt it will last my lifetime. I am so impressed with the most complete parts list that I have seen and videos on how to make each and every repair.

    I received the chair on time as promised, with absolutely no damage, it was so well packed. Setting up was a breeze, just adding the kick stands and anti tip wheels. This gave me the feel of how well this thing is built! The folding was a snap. It was a bit heaver than I expected, but the removable rear wheels (and motors) brings the weight down significantly.

    I was impressed with my first ride! It had more zip than I had expected. I do not know the exact speed but there was a good strong breeze in my face. I never felt I was “out of control”, besides I had the “speed control” to slow things down if I felt like I needed it. The braking is somewhat aggressive, but I think that will settle down as I get through my learning curve. At the VA, where I rode most of my time with the chair, I had several people give their “thumbs up” approval. It was so maneuverable. I can get into places that the scooters could not usually navigate. It turns on a dime, that is it will rotate 360 degrees on itself. The chair is so good looking, but more so, it is very comfortable to sit in all day.

    I have had several discussion with Micheal, and his staff, and I can feel the pride they have for their chairs, and the customers that own them. If you have even the slightest concern about the model, just talk with Michael or his crew. They have the experience to help you through that process.

    In summary, let me assure you, I did my homework and it paid off in finding the very best chair, and company to satisfy my requirements for a lifetime.

    Yes, by the way, my wife will be ordering hers soon.

    -- Richard C., Bryan, TX

    I have had my EZlite chair for a couple of months now. I must say I just love it!

    My husband got his a few weeks before I did, I loved the look and what he had to say about it, so I ordered one for me.

    Now we can go places we could not walk before.

    I rate the chair in three ways... Comfort, ease of operation, and looks. The EZlite chair has high marks in all three areas.

    I was in the chair all day as we were in a mall for a test run. I was comfortable the whole time.

    I had operated my husbands chair a bit, but at the controls all day made me more confident and at ease.

    Several people stopped me to say the chair was very good looking (I agree).

    My husband is in charge of battery management, so I don't know of that aspect, but it goes, and goes, and goes. All day on a single battery.

    In summary, I love the chair, it has opened a whole new world for my husband and me.

    Thanks EZlite!

    -- Barbara C., Bryan, TX

    I just returned from my yearly vacation in Aruba, a primary factor in purchasing my EZ lite Cruiser. The chair was a resounding success with tons of compliments, inquires and desire by other travelers. The gate check process at the airport was simple all 4 flight segments and gave me mobility in the airports during layovers. On one segment I did have the chair checked through to the final destination instead of brought to the gate which was a mistake. Ground crews usually have the chair up to the gate soon after the cabin door is opened. There was no problem motoring around the island and within the resorts and casino's. The EZ Lite Cruiser enabled me to more fully enjoy my vacation.

    I did a couple of "modifications" that were useful. One I got a old fashioned bicycle squeeze horn. People are not afraid to walk in front of you plus security got a kick out it and squeezed it every time they passed. Second I got a red flashing lite on the back for nite riding. And most important I got a small rubber cap to fit over the controller plug when I removed it for travel. I had previously damaged the plug and had to order a new cord. (which I received in 2 days - Thank You! ) I'm working on developing a more specific cap that can be tethered to the controller.

    -- Jack B., Buffalo, NY

    Purchased the EZ-Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX12 about six weeks ago, and have been waiting until I have lived with it for a while and tested it under several different conditions to post a review. So the short version of this review is: GET THIS! It is a well-built machine backed by an organization with fabulous service and has truly changed my life.

    Just so for comparison's sake so anyone reading this can know if the chair will work for them, I'm a woman in my mid-60s, almost 6 feet tall, weigh about 300 pounds, and have a chronic & worsening back condition that causes me great pain if I stand for longer than a few minutes and causes one leg to suddenly not be able to support me. I've really wanted to walk for as long as I possibly can and have been using forearm crutches as much as possible and an athletic-style rollator when I've needed to sit down.

    Recently I decided I wanted to begin using public transportation to get to work. It's a journey of a couple of miles from the train to my office and I decided I needed some powered assistance as opposed to the rollator. I chose to go with the EZ lite cruiser deluxe because it doesn't require a rack on my car, is smaller than the three wheeled mobility scooters that can be taken apart and maneuvers better than they do, and I can leverage it into my hatchback car by myself (not easy for a woman of my age but doable: younger people or men should have no problem at all, and when I have someone to help me pick it up and put it in it's a snap).

    Where to start: it has exceeded my expectations!! So far the only terrain I haven't tested it on is a large grassy field: it works beautifully on sidewalks, crossing streets, in airports and museums and grocery stores, getting on and off public transportation and elevators, and in my own house.

    Opening up the chair and folding it is quite easy. It takes just a few seconds to pop the joystick into place. The armrests go up and down on both sides so you can facilitate easily getting out of the chair on either side. The ride is smooth and the acceleration is slow enough that I never felt out-of-control even when learning, and the joystick controls are quite easy to figure out and get used to (I'd never used them before and I'm already feeling quite competent with them). The small turning radius makes it really easy to maneuver around tight spaces and on public transportation.

    The seatback adjusts really simply into five different positions. (To be candid, as a woman with ample hips I've needed a little more space in the seat and I find if I recline the seatback a little bit I have more seat room front to back. It is important that you make sure by measuring that the seat is wide enough side to side for you: Lee, one of the excellent service folks, was indispensable and kind in advising me about that during my initial inquiry about the chair. I never felt pressured to buy, just felt her regard for me as a human being and her sincerely wanting me to get something that really worked for me.)

    Connecting and disconnecting the battery (which you will need to do if you are taking it on an airplane with you) is also straightforward and easy. In fact navigating through the airport was an unexpected bonus of buying the chair: I didn't realize until zipping towards the gate on my first trip with the EZ lite how much pain there has been for me in trying to walk through airports or how frustrating it's been to either depend on those mobility carts or manual wheelchairs pushed by other people. Not that airport employees have not for the most part been gracious, but I really like being independent. And in less pain! And not tied to somebody else's schedule…. And then of course there's been the usefulness and huge joy of having the EZ lite with me when I get to my destination.

    (If you do decide to travel with the EZ lite, the travel bag is essential. I was able to zip through the terminal, get to the boarding gate, then put the chair in the travel bag, and the airport employees rolled it down to the airplane door and gate-checked it for me. It was delivered directly to the airplane door when I got to my destination, and I quickly took it out of the travel bag, popped it open and headed out.)

    A nice feature of the chair is that it has a freewheeling mode into which you can quickly put the chair in by just flipping two red levers on the motors mounted on each rear wheel axle. (All the chair adjustment controls are made in heavy duty red plastic: a great design feature which makes them really easy to spot :)

    This freewheeling feature means that if you want and are able, you can get up out of the chair, put it into freewheeling mode, and push it. I used this feature getting up that ramp that runs from the airplane door into the waiting area right outside the arrival gate: that way I could sit down on the waiting area chairs while I reinstalled the battery and got my gear settled. This mode also makes it possible for someone to push you while you're in the chair.

    I feel like purchasing the EZ lite has really opened my life up again in ways I hadn't even imagined. I've been able to keep up with my family and friends and dogs on long-distance walks, tour through museums and grocery stores without dealing with pain, get to and from public transportation, and travel by airplane by myself again. I cannot recommend it enthusiastically enough!

    If you decide to purchase the chair, I would recommend getting the side pouch for it, the rapid battery charger, & for air travelers the travel bag. I am a bit of a home repair/DIY person and made a few mods which I'm happy to share with anyone who's interested. (One of my improvement was getting a denser seat cushion: not necessary, but for heavier people it would've been nice if this were standard.) I am now completely happy with my chair.

    One last shout out: the customer service is uniformly excellent. Lee, whom I've already mentioned, has a coworker named Michael in the parts and service part: he has patiently answered all of my questions with enthusiasm, wisdom and kindness.

    -- Mariah B., San Francisco, CA

    Holy cow! This EZ Lite Powered Chair has surpassed all my expectations. I never thought I'd need something like this, at 45 years of age, but I'm glad I found your website and purchased this product. It's changed my life for the better by magnitudes. Now, I can take my son to the bus stop every morning and go grab breakfast at the local coffee shop with no problem. I has changed me from being someone who spent all day locked inside the house to a man about town. What an amazing product, it's head a shoulders above any other product that I've stumbled upon. This chair has changed my life for the better. I'm sold! Thank you!

    -- David S., Lancaster, PA

    I love my EZ Lite Cruiser. I have traveled around the US; from Amsterdam to Budapest; around Austria and England; plus I use it to leave our house. I would not have been able to go on the river boat cruise had it not been for having a EZ Lite Cruiser. Because the EZ Lite Cruiser is collapsible, small and lite, my husband could carry it on and off the boat, plus it fit in the stateroom without any issues. Traveling, it fits nicely in its travel bag, has gone in the cabin on larger planes and into any car we have used so far. We do leave ourselves extra time at the airport, as it can take time to explain things about how the EZ Lite Cruiser works. My husband has had to demonstrate how the chair can be folded up and how the battery can be disconnected and carried with us on board in the passenger cabin.

    I've had the chair for 2 years and prefer it over a scooter. The joy stick is so much easier and more comfortable to use than the “handlebar and lever” of a scooter. The turning radius is so much tighter than a scooter. I have learned to turn around in very tight places.

    Lastly, EZ Lite Cruiser’s customer and technical support is awesome. They have helped my husband figure things out, install new grippier tires (we live in the mountains and go camping), and are helpful any time we call.

    Lots of people comment on my chair because it is so small, goes anywhere, and best of all, allows me to be independent again. I do not have to wait for someone to push me, nor be homebound. I am not able to push myself in a manual chair nor walk any distances, so the EZ Lite Cruiser is my arms and legs, my independence. Thanks!

    -- Sylvia R., Frisco, CO

    Other testimonials have clearly explained how well the EZ Lite Cruiser fills the personal mobility needs of many of us who have mobility challenges, but I want to comment on the excellent personal service I received from the EZ Lite Cruiser team.

    I was recently vacationing in Las Vegas when I experienced a part failure on my EZ Lite Cruiser rendering it unusable. With three days of vacation left, I was looking at some serious challenges in getting around and a particularly tough return trip home. I sent an email to the EZ Lite crew explaining my plight and to my surprise, I received a phone call from Mike early the next morning. After explaining the problem, Mike arranged for the repair parts to be shipped overnight to my hotel and provided instructions and guidance on how to make the repairs. He also shipped the same parts to my home in case we didn't make the connections in Vegas.

    The parts arrived as promised and the provided repair instructions allowed me to make the repairs while on vacation and averting serious problems for me. Mike even called to make sure everything worked out ok.

    I can't say enough about not only this product but about the excellent customer service the EZ Lite Cruiser team provided after the sale and the genuine concern they demonstrate for their customers.

    -- Bryant S., Troy NY

    Hi folks at EZlitecruiser. It is a week now since I received my chair from you. As I said from the beginning, the primary reason for the purchase of this chair would be for traveling. So far the chair has met all of my expectations. In a few weeks we will be taking an extended road trip. And I look forward to the ease-of-use and portability this chair will provide. After that my first flight using the new chair will follow. Thank you folks at EZitecruiser it looks like we have a winner.

    -- Robert R., Riverside, CA

    I've had my EZ Lite Cruiser chair for a little over a month now. The freedom this chair has given me is incredible. It took a couple of times using it to get the folding and unfolding down pat but once I figured it out is is so simple to use, I'm able to get back to going to church where I couldn't before. I love being outdoors and the chair has made that possible as well. It goes great over most outdoor surfaces. The battery life has blown me away. I can't believe how long this thing lasts on one charge. Thank you EZ Lite Cruiser for giving me my life back and to do it with dignity.

    -- Jerry M., East Bend, NC

    I needed a personal mobility vehicle that would be light, easily collapsible, and would fit in the trunk of the car. This hit the nail on the head. A real plus is the friendly and readily available technical help.

    -- Arthur W., Hilton Head, SC

    I wanted to write a positive review of this product and more importantly the company and Michael. I purchased this product and unfortunately had some difficulty with the EZ Lite Cruiser driving straight. Michael came to my house to replace the part which was not functioning properly. This was simply amazing to me. He had to drive a long way to get to my house and he did it even in the pouring rain. He stands behind his product 100 percent. He did not charge me anything for all his trouble and he very well could have. I just want anyone considering purchasing a product like this to know that this company is truly in the business of trying to help people with mobility issues. A lot of thought has gone into the product and most of all if there is a problem it will be fixed. In today's society it is rare to find such an honest genuine business.

    Lisa B., Vista, CA

    Three years ago, my knees and ankles went into retirement and I bought my first manual wheelchair. It was quite and adventure. But now I have bought an EZ Lite Cruiser and am starting to have more fun than I ever thought possible with a wheelchair. My son built a ramp for me to the front door and I can go up and down that like everything. I can go out every day whenever I want to and terrorize the neighbourhood. Up and down hills and over to the store and to pick up the mail. Since this is such a small town everything is within easy reach. We have a grocery store, a hardware store and a pharmacy. Mail is at the post office and we have a medical clinic too. I belong to the Senior's Association and that meets just two blocks away and there are various outdoor events taking place in the summer.. My Scootey Chair takes me everywhere with no problem, and I save lots of money on gas. I just charge up the chair and away I go. No need to get the car out. I came down my ramp the other day and spooked a deer who was about to eat my roses. I think that deer is still running! Yes, they do eat roses, especially mine. Our main garden has a six and a half foot fence.

    Now I want to talk about something else I discovered about this chair. I call it'' figure riding'' First, you can do a serpentine by starting forward and moving the joystick first to one side and then the other. The chair will weave back and forth and trace a serpentine.. A complete circle is possible by just holding the joystick steadily in one direction. A figure 8 can be done by doing one circle and then changing direction at the start and making another circle the other direction.Then try a spin. Just put the joystick as far to the left or right as it will comfortably go and hold it there. The chair will turn on its own space as long as you want to. But, stop before you get dizzy. I recommend doing this in an empty parking lot or a paved area that has no other traffic. I can do it here in the street when there is no traffic, which is most of the time. And that's what I have been doing so far with my EZ Lite Cruiser. I'm sure I ought to be more dignified at my age (77) but that wouldn't be any fun.

    Mary N., British Columbia, Canada

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