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    Every EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Model, whether Regular, Slim or Wide size and any Rear Wheel size of 8", 10" or 12", has an Unbeatable Feature which allows you to Detatch the Motors!  This will significantly lighten the lifting weight for putting it into your vehicle.  You can easily disassemble it into three light weight parts -- one 37 lbs frame, and two 13 lbs motors.  

    See How this Amazing Feature Works:


    Don't settle for a basic generic product with none of these features, and struggle lifting 60+ lbs...  With our EZ Lite Cruiser, you get lots of unique & unbeatable features, at a great price.

    Join the thousands of others who have regained their independence & Experience the things you've been missing.

    EZ Lite Cruiser ®

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    EZ Lite Cruiser ® Standard Model
    The Standard Model

    EZ Lite Cruiser ® Deluxe Slim Models
    Deluxe Slim Models
    $2,759.00 to $2,799.00+

    EZ Lite Cruiser ® Deluxe Regular Models
    Deluxe Regular Models
    $2,859.00 to $2,899.00+

    EZ Lite Cruiser ® Deluxe Wide Models
    Deluxe Wide Models
    $2,899.00 to $2,939.00+

    Free Shipping Anywhere in the USA

    Anywhere in the Continental US, Alaska & Hawaii!

    Shipping Internationally?
    Only $499.95 (USD $) To Canada or $699.95 to Many Countries Around The World!

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