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    Rotate Your Screen on Mobile or Tablet

    Three Deluxe Wide Models to Choose From: 


    Learn What Makes the Deluxe Wide WX Models Unique: 


    The Deluxe Wide Models are new take on the Deluxe style frame in our product line and they look much like our Deluxe Slim and Deluxe Regular models, because they use the overall same frame design.  But we made these Deluxe Wide models to be even wider between the arm rests, for users who required a larger and more comfortable seating area.  These are what we consider the 'upper range' in terms of width in the seating area, so they are suitable for users up to 330 lbs in weight.

    The Distance Between the Arm Rests is 21.2" and you have a Seat Cushion that is 17.5" wide by 17" deep.  This wider overall seating area was made specifically for those users whose bodies are wider, and for those that require a larger seating area for added comfort.  Even though the size of the seat cushion is the same as our Deluxe Regular Models, your torso will have much more space between the actual arm rests.  Since the frame is an open style, there is 'breathing room' on the seat cushion so you won't feel crammed.

    These Deluxe Wide Models boast a comfortable and taller back support at 17.5" in height and 19.5" in width, for greater comfort.  With this frame size, you will have a wheel base at about 26", but the widest point will be between the arm rests, at 26.75".  Although this can still easily navigate most compact areas just fine, some older & smaller homes with narrow doorways and hallways may be more difficult to navigate.  So keep that in mind when measuring and consider your body width.  Compare the two figures and make a decision about whether or not the trade-off for the more spacious seating area is worth it, and if not, consider our Deluxe Regular Models, or if possible, our Deluxe Slim Models.

    All of the Deluxe Models have larger more comfortable arm rest pads, a better and more comfortable foot rest position and a more comfortable contoured seat cushion. They also have the Most Features & Adjustments Possible of any brand of Lightweight Foldable Power Chair on the market today.

    These features & adjustments include the patented Removable Motors to Lighten the Lifting Weight, a 5-position fully Reclining Back Support, a 3-position Adjustable Height Arm Rests, a 4-position Adjustable Height Foot Rest Plate, and an optional 4.5" length Foot Rest Extension for taller users or those who need to stretch their legs, which can put the foot rest farther away from the chair. We can guarantee, or your money back, the most comfortable ride you've ever had with a Lightweight Foldable Power Chair... and with our Generous Return Policy, you can find out for yourself with little or no risk.


    Consider the Rear Wheel Size:

    The WX8 with smaller 8" rear wheels, more suitable for mainly indoor usage;

    The WX10 with medium 10" rear wheels, which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage;  

    Or The WX12 with large 12" rear wheels, which is more suitable for outdoor usage on rougher terrain

    The smaller rear wheels will handle most any outdoor driving, but are more suitable for indoor usage, or paths where surfaces are smooth and flat like hardwood floors or tile. Having larger wheels becomes more advantageous with more prolonged usage outdoors, and there are a couple of main reasons why. 

    First, with the larger the rear wheel, you have more wheel material.  The reason why this is important is if you drive on a lot of rough surfaces in the outdoors, specifically concrete or asphalt, you will wear down the treads on your tire quicker when compared to driving on smooth, flat surfaces indoors.  

    Secondly, the larger the rear wheel, the smoother the ride will feel.  One of the ways our personal mobility aids are made light weight is by having a fixed axle on the rear drive wheels, which means there is no suspension.  When driving over bumpier grounds, the larger rubberized wheels will provide more shock absorption than smaller size wheels.

    If you will be using your Deluxe Wide WX Model outdoors, consider that the larger wheels will provide more driving distance before they need to be replaced, when compared to the smaller wheels. If you anticipate most of the usage indoors, the smaller 8" or medium 10" wheels will be suitable.


    Consider the Front Wheel Size:

    The WX8 is equipped with smaller 6" front wheels;  

    While the WX10 and the WX12 are equipped with larger 7.5" front wheels;

    Larger front wheels can also help when going over larger thresholds, such as those found between doorways, and rougher surfaces and outdoor areas, such as streets and sidewalks with the occasional crack, wood chips, or paths with small amounts of pebbles, gravel, and small rocks.  That is what makes the WX8 model more suitable for indoor usage, while the WX10 and WX12 are more suitable for the outdoors. 


    As with all of our devices, the Deluxe Wide Models fold down quickly and easily, will stand up on the rear wheels when folded using the Kickstands, and will unfold effortlessly.  



    Ready to Make Your Selection? 

    EZ Lite Cruiser ® Deluxe Wide WX8

    Deluxe Wide WX8
    6" Front Wheels
    8" Rear Wheels
    Customize From $2,899.00
    More Specifications

    EZ Lite Cruiser ® Deluxe Wide WX10

    Deluxe Wide WX10
    7.5" Front Wheels
    10" Rear Wheels
    Customize From $2,919.00
    More Specifications

    EZ Lite Cruiser ® Deluxe Wide WX12

    Deluxe Wide WX12
    7.5" Front Wheels
    12" Rear Wheels
    Customize From $2,939.00
    More Specifications


    Help Me Choose a Model - Sizing Chart