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    People come in different sizes, that's why we have many sizes to choose from.  

    Use our simple 8 question quiz to help you select the model that's right for you based on height, weight and use.

    You can also use our Sizing Chart below.  

    Match your weight in the left column, with your height along the top, to see which model may be a good fit for your body type.
    If you're in a range where more than one size may fit, or if you have a stockier body type, please remember that choosing the smaller device may be more of a snug fit.  We suggest you consider the larger size to have more "wiggle room."

    For taller users, we recommend the Deluxe Models with the addition of the optional foot rest extender, for anyone 5'10"+.
    For shorter users, the foot rest can be adjusted up in position, as detailed here

    If you have any questions or concerns on picking the right model, please call, text or e-mail for more assistance.

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    Anywhere in the Continental US, Alaska & Hawaii!

    Shipping Internationally?
    Only $499.95 (USD $) To Canada or $699.95 to Many Countries Around The World!