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    How to Charge a 15 Ah Battery On Board the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Models

    The battery will arrive with some charge and can be used to test out the chair for a short ride, however, before using your chair for a longer period of time, please charge the battery for a full 8 hours. During the initial charging, even if the indicator light turns green on the Charger, leave it plugged in to charge for the full 8 hours. The charger light will alternate between green and red a few times over the course of that 8 hour charge.

    The EZ Lite Cruiser MUST BE POWERED OFF when charging.

    The Green, Yellow and Red lights on the Joystick battery level indicator let you know how much battery life you have. The first Green Light represents about 60% of the battery charge, so it will take a while for the first Green Light to go out on the Joystick battery level indicator. The next (second) Green light will turn off quicker, and it represents about 20% of the remaining charge. The last (third) Green light will turn off even quicker, as it represents about 12.5% of the remaining battery charge.  All told, the Green Lights represent about 92.5% of the battery charge. Once you get into the (3) Yellow lights, that is a warning level to indicate that you must recharge the battery very soon, as you have very little stored charge left in your battery, and very limited driving time left.  If the battery charge is low, the machine may lose power anytime it has to work harder, for example, as in taking a turn, going over bumpier ground, going up and down an incline, etc.  When the battery level indicator reaches the Red you are at critical power supply and must recharge immediately.  The chair will not function once it is in the red.

    Also, please never allow the battery to be depleted fully. You MUST charge the battery once it is approaching the Yellow lights power, and never allow it to be depleted fully. Leaving the battery plugged in overnight will not damage the battery. We recommend recharging your battery every night, for the full 6-8 hour charge time, to help avoid sudden battery loss while using the chair. If you deplete the battery fully, so it does not power on the chair, immediately plug the battery in for charging, and leave it charging for the full 8 hours.

    If you store the battery for an extended period of time when not using the device, you must charg it for about 2 hours every 2 weeks, or 4-6 hours every month. Failure to properly charge the battery will result in a voided battery warranty.

    DO NOT open the cover of the battery. Any batteries being returned that have been damaged or tampered with in any way will not be covered under warranty or be refunded.