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    How to Adjust the Arm Rest Height on the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Models

    To start, use a fine flat head screwdriver to remove the cap that covers the additional hole.

    Next, lift up the back of the back support cushion to gain access to the bolts.

    Using two hex wrenches, hold one bolt head still while unscrewing the other.

    Use one of the hex wrenches to push the long female bolt out. Make sure to catch the clear washer in between the frame parts.

    Next, insert the long female bolt in to the desired hole. Place the clear washer between the back support frame part and the arm rest frame part and put the frame parts together.

    Now, fasten the male bolt head into the female bolt by hand. Then, use the hex wrenches to fully tighten the bolts together.

    Next you’ll reset the position of the arm rest to your liking.

    Lastly, place the back support cushion back down.

    *** Please Note:  This Feature Not Available on Older Production Models, Purchased or Produced Prior to January 2017 ***