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    How to Change the Joystick Side (Spring Loaded) on the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Models

    First, disconnect the joystick and remove it, with the fork, from the frame.

    Raise the arm rest, then pull down the fastening knob, and secure it with a pair of vice grips.

    Use a heat gun to loosen the Loctite on the threads of the fastening knob, and then unscrew it.

    Lift the arm rest to gain access to the front bolt, and unfasten it. Then, lower the arm rest to gain access to the rear bolt, and unfasten it. Remove the arm rest pad from the frame.

    Remove the spring loaded pin by pushing it up through the top of the arm rest frame. The spring is at the bottom of it, and make sure that is removed as well.

    Now, remove the bolts the hold the arm rest pad to the frame on the side where you want to install the joystick, and then remove the arm rest pad.

    Insert the spring, followed by the pin. Push the pin down and then clamp the end of the pin that has the threads with a pair of vice grips.

    Screw the fastening knob bulb in place. We recommend using blue Loctite threadlocker (not shown) on the threads to better secure it and fasten it down all the way. Remove the vice grips, and test it to make sure it is working properly.

    Next, clip the zip ties that hold the joystick wire to the arm rest. Be careful not to cut the joystick wire.

    Flip the chair on its back, and lift up the flap on the right side to gain access to the extra slack of the joystick wire. Cut the zip tie there to release the slack.

    Put the chair back up on its wheels.

    Lift up the back support cushion.

    Begin to reroute the joystick cable.

    You may want to release the last strap of the back support straps for easier access in rerouting the cable.

    Run the cable behind the chair and up to the arm rest on the side where you’re installing the joystick.

    Fasten back the back support strap back together, and lower the back support cushion.

    Remove the arm rest cap, and put it to the other side.

    Pull the joystick fastening knob down and insert the joystick, on the fork, in the new location.

    Reconnect it to the rest of the joystick cable.

    Raise the arm rest, and begin to zip tie the cable back to the arm rest frame parts.

    Cut the zip tie excess and remember to trim the edge so it is not sharp.

    Then, reinstall the arm rest pads back in place on both sides.

    Lastly, put the chair on its back again, and zip tie the excess joystick cable slack to the lower bar on the back of the frame, and clip the excess of the zip ties.