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    How to Fold & Unfold the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Models

    To fold the chair down, press the lower set of red clamps together and push forward on the top of the back support. Once folding begins, you can let go of the red clamps.

    Finish collapsing the chair as you stand the chair upright using the kickstand located in the back of the chair for balance.

    Fold and tuck the foot rest plate underneath the seat.

    Remove the joystick and tuck it between the seat and back cushion.

    Use the provided bungee cord and wrap it around the top of the back support, and clip it to the metal part of the frame under the seat.


    To unfold the chair, remove the bungee cord and store it in safe place.

    Take the joystick, insert it back into the arm rest and secure it with the joystick fastening knob.

    Use the handle under the seat to push that part of the frame down, while pushing the back of the frame away from the seat. The chair will click when it locks in the unfolded position.


    ALWAYS ensure that the EZ Lite Cruiser is FULLY Unfolded. When unfolding, you will hear a 'click' locking sound which indicates that the EZ Lite Cruiser has been fully unfolded and is locked in the unfolded position.

    When getting on and off the chair, Before sitting down, TEST The Seating Area by pushing forward on the Top of the Back Support Bar downward to ensure that the device is LOCKED in the unfolded position. Do NOT Sit down unless you have tested to make sure it is locked in the unfolded position.

    When getting off the EZ Lite Cruiser, DO NOT stand on the footrest. Doing so may cause the chair to tip forward. While still sitting in the chair, push the footrest back, put your feet on the floor and then stand up.