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    *** Note About This Video:  The KICKSTANDS Shown in the video are an OLDER STYLE which are no longer used.  The current kickstands, as you receive them, will not have the plastic elongating shafts.  They will be fully metal, with a push pin that can be pressed to extend them! *** 


    How to Setup the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Models (Any) After Unboxing

    Before receiving or using the EZ Lite Cruiser, please familiarize yourself with the device by:

    1. Reading the User Manual in Full: http://www.ezlitecruiser.com/view-deluxe-user-manual

    2. Looking over the Components of the Chair: http://www.ezlitecruiser.com/pages/component-guide-deluxe-models

    3. Looking over the Installation Procedure: EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Models Installation Procedure.pdf

    4. The Battery, Charger & any Accessories will arrive separately!

    After unpacking the chair, the User Manual, Toolkit & necessary parts to finish the installation procedure can be found in a separate small white box inside the Undercarriage of the chair, the zippered compartment under the seat.</p>.

    ALWAYS ensure that the EZ Lite Cruiser is FULLY Unfolded. When unfolding, you will hear a 'click' locking sound which indicates that the EZ Lite Cruiser has been fully unfolded and is locked in the unfolded position.

    Before sitting down, TEST The Seating Area by pushing forward on the Top of the Back Support Bar downward to ensure that the device is LOCKED in the unfolded position. Do NOT Sit down unless you have tested to make sure it is locked in the unfolded position.

    When getting off the EZ Lite Cruiser, DO NOT stand on the footrest. Doing so may cause the chair to tip forward. While still sitting in the chair, push the footrest back, put your feet on the floor and then stand up.