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    How to Replace Bearing in Front Wheel Fork (Type A) on the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Models

    With the battery removed, tilt the chair on to its back support.

    Remove the Front Wheel using two hex wrenches to loosen and remove the bolts.

    Take the cap off the frame where the stem bolt runs.

    Using two socket wrenches, unscrew the nut from the stem, and remove the stem bolt from the bottom.

    Using a hammer, gently tap the fork off the frame, and remove the black spindle washer.

    Clip the stem with a vice grips and remove the nut from the top. It will also have a thicker flat washer below it.

    Remove the circlip using special circlip pliers.

    Use a screwdriver to push the bearing out of the top of the frame, and look for the bushing in the bearing.

    Remove the spring from the stem.

    Push the bearing out of the bottom of the frame.

    Clean the area with a rag.

    Now, work backwards to re-assemble.

    Insert the bearing from the bottom.

    Insert the stem through the bottom bearing.

    Place the spring on to the stem.

    Place the bushing on to the stem.

    Place the top bearing in place.

    Place the circlip back in using the circlip pliers.

    Place the washer on the top bearing.

    Screw on the nut to the top of the stem. Clamp the vice grips on the stem and fasten the nut with a socket wrench.

    Now, remove the bearing from the fork. Tape the bottom one out from the top, and the top one from the bottom.

    Clean the area of the fork that holds the bearings.

    Put the new bearing in on top and on the bottom of the fork.

    Put the black spindle washer on the stem, and place the fork on to the stem.

    Screw the bolt into the stem first with your fingers, then tighten with two socket wrenches.

    Place the cap over the frame that holds the stem.

    Next, put the wheel back into the fork.

    Insert the bolt through the wheel on one side, and the bolt head on the other side, and tighten with hex wrenches.