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    How to Replace the 7.5" Front Wheels on the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Models (DX10, DX12, SX10, SX12, WX10, WX12)

    Using two hex wrenches, remove the bolt running through the center of the front wheel, by holding one side of the bolt steady with one hex wrench, and turning the other side of the bolt with the second hex wrench.

    Remove the male bolt head using the tip of the hex wrench, and then use the hex wrench to push the female bolt out of the fork and wheel center.

    Then, simply slide the front wheel out of the fork.

    Now, take your new wheel and slide it into the fork.

    Next, insert the female bolt head through the fork and the wheel center. Push it through all the way so it goes through the opposite side of the fork.

    Lastly, insert the male bolt head and tighten the bolts with the hex wrench. Again, hold one side still, while tightening the other.