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    How to Replace a 12" Motor on the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Models (SX12, DX12, WX12)

    First, lay the chair on its back support to gain access to the CPU under the chair, and begin by disconnecting the cable for the side motor that you wish to replace. Unscrew the circular screw that fastens the plugs, and once loose, then pull the plug out.

    Cut the zip-ties to remove the motors cable from the frame.

    Stand the chair upright to gain access to the bolts that hold the motor on to the frame.

    Remove the kickstand tube for better access.

    Using an elongated hex wrench, begin to remove the bolts that hold the motor on to the frame of the chair.

    When removing the last bolt, be careful to hold the motor still so it does not fall out from under the chair. You should have the anti-tipping wheels installed so the chair does not fall to one side.

    Once the bolts are removed, take the old motor off.

    Next, take the new motor, and put it back in place.

    Align the first bolt hole and begin to fasten it and the remaining bolts back in place………

    Once all of the bolts are all back in, put the kickstand tube back on. Now, lay the chair on its back support again.

    Reconnect the motor cable plug, and fasten the circular screw. Then, place the cover over the connector.

    Lastly, using some zip-ties, re-attach the motor cables to the frame, and clip the excess using a pair of scissors.