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    How to Replace the Arm Rest Pads on the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Models

    Using a hex tool, begin to undo the first bolt under the arm rest, at the back of the arm rest frame.

    Remove it completely using your fingers.

    Next, lift the arm rest to gain better access to the second bolt under the arm rest. Use the hex tool again to loosen the bolt. You can then use your finger to fully remove it.

    Once both bolts are removed, the old arm rest pad can be removed from the frame. Take the new arm rest pad, with one of the bolts, and align the holes at the bottom of the arm rest pad with the holes in the arm rest frame. Insert and lightly tighten one bolt by hand, and then firmly tighten it down using the hex tool.

    Then, place the arm rest back down to resting position.

    Next, insert the other bolt at the back of the arm rest frame and push it through to reach the arm rest pad. Again, lightly tighten the bolt by hand, and finally, firmly tighten the bolt down using the hex tool.