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    How to Replace the Back Support Straps on the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Models

    Peel off the back support cushion in the front and back, and then pull it off the chair from either the front or the back.

    Next, reach on the inner side of the straps and begin to peel away each strap. It will unwrap from the clasp on the side.

    Once they’re all out and apart, peel the bottom of back support straps from where it meets the seat support straps.

    Next, attach the new back support at the bottom to where it meets the seat support straps.

    Begin to wrap each of the straps around the chair frame and through the clasps, firmly fastening each strap on the inside part of the Velcro where it matches up. Repeat this step until all the straps are done.

    When you’re finished with that, put the back support cushion back in place and firmly attach it to the back support straps by pressing down to make sure the Velcro sections match up and it holds firm.