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    How to Unbox the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Models

    Look for the stickers on the crate that show how to release the metal fasteners around one of the large sized panels.

    Using either a screwdriver, or the crow bar end of a hammer, undo each latch. Straighten the latch out and bend it upright. Get some additional space by bending out the frame work a little bit so the panel comes off easier.

    Then, remove one of the large sized panels.

    Stand the chair upright in the box. Then, lift the chair out of the box. Lift with both hands.

    Remove the bubble wrap.

    Now to unfold it, first remove the bungee cord and store it in safe place. This will be helpful when you fold the chair down in the future.

    Take the joystick, insert it into the arm rest and secure it with the joystick fastening knob.

    Use the handle under the seat to push that part of the frame down, while pushing the back of the frame away from the seat. The chair will click when it locks in the unfolded position.

    Then, unfold the foot rest plate.

    Lastly, look for the additional parts needed to finish the mostly aesthetic assembly of the chair and proceed to watching the quick start video.