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    How to Fold the EZ Lite Cruiser Standard Model

    Pull the center of the folding wire to release the pins from the side of the chair.

    Push the back support back and downward, to continue folding the chair down.

    When the top half of the back support is folded, you can stand the chair upright on the rear wheels.

    Using the foot rest, tuck it and the lower half of the chair closer to the chairs main frame.

    BE CAREFUL when folding and unfolding your EZ Lite Cruiser! Sometimes the loose wire from the joystick can get caught in the folding and unfolding action! If this happens, you may crimp the wire and damage it. Damage such as this is not covered under warranty, SO PLEASE BE EXTRA CAREFUL when you are learning to unfold and fold the EZ Lite Cruiser. Be alert as to the location of loose cables, and make sure they do not get caught in the metal beams that come together in the folding and unfolding process.