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    Steps for Replacing the Seat Straps on the EZ Lite Cruiser Standard Model

    Start by removing the seat – it is held on with Velcro – so you can just pull it off.

    Peel away the lower part of the back support straps, from the seat support straps.

    Reach into the seat support straps and begin to remove each strap individually. They’re also held together by Velcro.

    Notice each strap wraps around the frame and through a clasp, and then secures to itself.

    Once you have all the straps disconnected, remove the old seat support.

    Put the new seat support in from the front, and begin to re-affix the straps.

    Each strap wraps around the frame and will go through the clasp on the opposing side, before being velcro’d back to itself. Make sure this is done tightly so the seat does not sag.

    Reconnect the bottom of the back support straps to the seat support straps.

    When you’re done, place the seat back on by matching the Velcro strips on the bottom of it with the Velcro strips on the seat support straps.