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    How to Unfold the EZ Lite Cruiser Standard Model

    With the chair standing upright, flip the Foot Rest Plate out, then slightly spread apart the foot rest assembly part of the frame from the undercarriage part of the frame.

    Next, place one hand on the top half of the foldable back support, and one hand at the base of the metal part of the seat.

    Bring the front of the chair horizontal, and simultaneously lift up at the back of the chair, the allow the rear wheels to drop down. Lastly, flick the back support all the way forward until the locking mechanism engages and the chair is upright and unfolded.

    BE CAREFUL when folding and unfolding your EZ Lite Cruiser! Sometimes the loose wire from the joystick can get caught in the folding and unfolding action! If this happens, you may crimp the wire and damage it. Damage such as this is not covered under warranty, SO PLEASE BE EXTRA CAREFUL when you are learning to unfold and fold the EZ Lite Cruiser. Be alert as to the location of loose cables, and make sure they do not get caught in the metal beams that come together in the folding and unfolding process.

    ALWAYS ensure that the EZ Lite Cruiser is FULLY Unfolded. When unfolding, you will hear a 'click' locking sound which indicates that the EZ Lite Cruiser has been fully unfolded and is locked in the unfolded position.

    Before sitting down, TEST The Seating Area by pushing forward on the Top of the Back Support Bar downward to ensure that the device is LOCKED in the unfolded position. Do NOT Sit down unless you have tested to make sure it is locked in the unfolded position.

    When getting off the EZ Lite Cruiser, DO NOT stand on the footrest. Doing so may cause the chair to tip forward. While still sitting in the chair, push the footrest back, put your feet on the floor and then stand up.