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    Welcome to our review of the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus. If you are interested in the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus, we have some valuable information below about this product that you should know about. We feel that the EZ Lite Cruiser is the best choice for an electric wheelchair because they are light weight, compact, easy to use and very affordable when compared to the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus and its offerings.

    Drive Medical Cirrus PlusThe Drive Medical Cirrus Plus folding electric power wheelchair seems to be an old manual wheelchair that has simply been converted to include a power drive for joystick controlled operation. The main drawback to the unit is that it is quite heavy at 90 pounds (40.8 kilograms) when equipped with it's battery unit. The fact that it is so heavy makes it so that you will likely need to purchase a lift for your car or SUV, or purchase a specially fitted van in order to transport it anywhere. The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair does come with some features, but only features which we find are standard on most electric powered wheelchairs. The unit boasts that it has a seat belt, a seat cushion, swing away foot rest and adjustable arm rests, which you will find on just about every other power electric wheelchair. A major drawback to this power wheelchair is that the turn radius is very poor, and requires there to be a significant amount of room available to turn without bumping into things.

    The dimensions of this chair are 41 inches x 25 inches x 35 inches (104.1 centimeters x 63.5 centimeters x 88.9 centimeters) when unfolded. The folded dimensions not found. We presume it folds flat and length and width dimensions stay the same. In its overall shape, it offers a seat area of 18 inches wide x 16 inches long (45.7 centimeters x 40.6 centimeters) and a turning radius of about 32 inches (81.2 centimeters.) This power chair can reach speeds of up to 3.3 miles per hour (5.3 kilometers per hour) and the Motors can handle hills with up to 6 degrees of an incline.

    Because of its heavy weight, it requires a car lift. Most people, even with reasonable upper body strength, will not be able to lift it without support of a car lift. In general, you may not be able to store it inside the trunk of a car, but probably an SUV trunk (space permitting) or a Van would be more suitable. Usually, customers will tow it on a platform that mounts on the back of their car. Because of it's heavy weight, it can carry passengers weighing up to 300 pounds (136 kilograms) and can drive continuously for up to 10 miles (16 kilometers), but that distance is reduced based on the weight of passenger, inclines and terrain.

    Depending on where it is purchased, it may come pre-assembled. Most times some assembly is required and a toolkit may be required to put the finishing touches on it. It can accomplish most indoor mobility requirements. Some doorways and hallways may be tight to fit through because of its size and turn radius. The Drive Medical Cirrus handles simple outdoor mobility fairly, such as paved sidewalks & flat surfaces, but may be limited as to the terrains it can roll on.


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